Providing Warranty Processing services for  automotive dealers across Canada


Warranty Claims Management 


Warranty receivables should not be a problem for dealerships but they are. It is an area of the dealership that takes a lot of time and effort for little return, or worse, little time and great risk of non-payment. Add to the difficulty of getting the job done properly in house, there is little or no training available from the factory making hiring and training a new warranty clerk a nightmare. There is no reason to deal with warranty claim management in house when there is a professional option.


At Fixed Operations, we will manage all warranty receivables from start to finish for less than the cost of a part time employee. We do not require scanning of work orders or warranty reports which allows your staff to do the job they are paid for, making more money! We will keep all key staff up to date of the status of every claim as well as keeping everybody informed about potential problems with procedures or processes.


We will take over all of the current claims on the schedule and get them cleaned up quickly.


Our service also alleviates vacation time, maternity leave, illness time off and the fear of losing that one person who understands the system. We specialize in Nissan and Infiniti dealerships and can keep your receivable lower than you ever thought possible.


Benefits of Outsourcing Warranty

ü  Reliable

o   No vacations time

o   No sick days

o   No maternity leave

o   No chance of losing employee to other employment

o   All claims processed daily – Inputted within 48 hours – corrected within 48 hours

o   Fixed Operations customers hold, on average, less than 29% of the months sales on the schedule at month end.

ü  Accurate

o   All claims reviewed for accuracy and corrected to ensure dealer is receiving all payments possible

o   Any adjustments are emailed for review to Service Manager, GM and controller

o   We are able to process all claims without needing claims scanned and emailed by your staff thus eliminating missing claims and time wasted at your dealership

ü  Cost Effective

o   Our monthly fee is less than having a warranty clerk on staff

o   All inclusive, no CPP, vacation pay, benefits etc.


We have designed a process that allows us to process the warranty claims without the need for the dealer to scan and email any paperwork. We handle every step of processing and track the claims closely until payment is received. We will then email a list of adjustments that will explain any variance from the amount claimed to the amount paid which, when posted, will clear the balance of the schedule.